How to Create Droodles!

Choose any shape from the “Draw” menu and then click in your Droodles square to place it. Click on it again to move, resize and rotate.
Choose the “Pencil” icon (black or white) inside the draw button to draw your own shapes.
Do both!
Use the “Text” button to add your own caption. The funnier the better!
Use the “Undo” button to delete the last action
Use the “Delete” button to clear the screen
Download” your Droodle and share with friends. (To download on ipads/iphones, click “Download” and then click on the image to copy or save.) Challenge your friends to see what captions they can come up with or to create a Droodle of their own. Then send your Droodles to us at to maybe be featured on our Droodles pages.
Get Droodling!

Create Your Droodle